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Information Security - Basic knowledge
What does information security mean? What are the weak points when protecting data and information? What measures need to be taken to protect them?
Information Security - Attacks
What IT attacks target the end-user? How do they work? How can a successful attack be prevented and avoided?
Data Protection - Right of access by data subject
What is the right of access by the data subject? What does a request for access to personal data look like? What should I do if I receive a request to access to the personal data? Who processes a request and what needs to be considered?
Information Security - Guidelines
What rules apply for using the business IT infrastructure safely? What must you consider when using the Internet? How should email accounts and emails be protected? What considerations apply to mobile devices?
Data Protection Basics - Basic knowledge
Which data is protected by "data protection"? What should I pay attention to, in daily business? Does data subjects have any rights I have to think of?